Tipcolene®Autotech-Sirmax (Thermoplastics)

Autotech-Sirmax manufactures Filled & Reinforced Thermoplastics and Long Glass Fiber Compounds for Automotives, Appliances, Electronics, Railways, Furniture etc.

®Tipco Industries (Thermosets)

Pioneer of Thermosets in India. Our Resins and Moulding Compounds are popular in Electricals, Power, Railways, Aeronautics, Automotives and Kitchen-ware.

®Tipwood composites

Tipwood Natural Fiber Composites are energy saving materials of construction providing eco-friendly solutions for Building & Construction, Exterior Applications, Marine, Furniture, Packaging etc.

“It is said that the only constant thing in Plastics is change. Plastics Industry world over is experiencing the phenomenon in an increasing manner.

Even at home, we are passing through dynamic events, innovations, developments, improvements, modifications, new products, new applications in the Indian Plastics Industry, at such a rapid rate that information techniques would play an extremely inportant role for planning and sustained growth.”

N.B. Thakkar, Group , Chairman