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About us


Mission and Vision

We are forever searching for new solutions to meet the need of future products. We look for the right technologies through tie-ups with major global leaders for the development and supply of speciality resins,compounds & masterbatches. A vital area is applications development through a qualified & competent team of engineers.
Tipco was founded by Late Shri B.M. Thakkar in 1945 when he was 25 years of age. We are the 1st in INDIA to manufacture plastics raw materials. Over the years, Tipco Group has played a leading and innovative role in making India self-reliant. The foundation of our growth is based on continuous research & development, a focus on product excellence and a strong commitment to safety, health and environment in our operations. With over 7 decades of expertise, Tipco Group has become synonymous with innovation in our rapidly growing industry, catering to more than 1100 customers.

Technology Partners Product End-use Examples
Philips B.V. Phenolics Electricals; Telecom
Ferro Corp. PP / Nylon Compounds Furniture & Appliances
IPCL Impact Modified PP Compounds Automotive
Hoechst AG PP Compounds Automotive & Appliances
CONSTAB GmbH Additive Masterbatches Packaging
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. High Crystalline PP Compounds Automobile


Glass Mat Thermoplastics (GMT),
60% Natural Fiber Reinforced PolyPropylene (J-LFT)
Melamine+Phenolic Compounds


Epoxy Moulding Compounds


100% Wetted G-LFT Nylon


Fully Wetted G-LFT PP


Unsaturated Polyester Moulding Compounds


Chemically Coupled Glass PP very High Tensile Strength Compounds


Jute Phenolic Compounds


PP Compounds for Automotive (Maruti) and Furniture Industry


Injection Moulding Thermoset Compounds


Phenolic Resins & Moulding Compound

Products Applications
Tipcolite - Injection Moulding Phenolics Compounds Electricals, Power, Auto
Tipcolene - Automotive Thermoplastics Compounds Interiors & Exteriors
Tipcolite - Glass Reinforces Phenolic Compounds Commutator, Insulators, Swicthes
Tipcolene - Flame Retardants Thermoplastics Electronics & Electrical
Tipwood - Jute Phenolic Composites Building & Construction, Furniture
Tipcofil - Nylon-6 Compounds Appliances, Automotive, Power tools
Tiprene - Thermoplastics Elastomers Hygiene, FMCG, Sports
ATP PLAST - Long Glass Fiber Thermoplastics Automotive, Appliances
ATP PLAST - Glass Mat Thermoplastics Automotive, Industrial, Appliances
ATP PLAST - Jute Fiber Thermoplastics Eco-friendly Automotive interiors
Autobond - Maleic Anhydride PP Coupling Agent

Quality Assurance

We are committed to satisfy our customers through continual improvement in all processes by measuring performance against the set targets & reviewing these targets periodically. This is achieved by active involvement of our employees & suppliers in the Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 9001:2008.

Quality certifications


‘Quality First’ has always been a mantra for us. The above tests are performed round the clock. This ceaseless effort of our quality conscious team ensures optimal quality for our customers.Adhering to International Testing Standards :


Melt flow index ASTM D1238
Tensile ASTM D638
Flexural ASTM D790
Hardness ASTM D 2240
Izod - Impact strength ASTM D256
Colour CIE LAB 1976


Flow IS : 867 - 7
Tensile IS : 867 - 9
Impact IS : 867 - 10
Apparent Density IS : 867 – 5
Flexural Strength IS : 867 – 11
Electric Strength IS : 867 – 19
Surface Resistivity IS : 867 - 20
Volume Resistivity IS : 867 - 21

We are also testing our materials as per ISO standards, for special requests


Filled & Reinforced PP Compounds

Long Glass Fiber Compounds

Moulding Compounds

Phenolic Resins

Natural Fiber Jute Composites

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